• possibility of acquiring a motor vehicle
  • without penalties for early repayment
  • with/without right to drive a motor vehicle
Microcredit’s objective For acquiring of a motor vehicle Pledged by a motor vehicle
Acquiring of automobiles, trucks and passenger vehicles, agricultural and special technique, trailers and vans in automobile salons and on the secondary market Consumer objectives
Microcredit period Up to 24 months
Microcredit’smaximumamount From 300 000 tenge up to 15 856 000 tenge
Consideration period within 2 working days from the moment of necessary documents’ submission
Requirements to the motor transport
  • manufactured in Germany or Japan, production period of 10 years
  • other manufacturers – production period of 7 years
  • new motor vehicles of CIS (with the exception of OAO VAZ) and PR China (in case of additional collateral)
Initial contribution
  • up to 25% from the value of a new motor vehicle
  • up to 35% from the value of a motor vehicle with mileage
  • without initial contribution in case of additional collateral
Repayment methods
  • annuity payments
  • equal shares
  • flexible repayment schedule